Greenland’s Fisheries License Control Authority

Welcome to the Greenland Fisheries License Control Authority (GFLK) website.

Here you can read about GFLK’s work and areas of responsibility, as well as view overviews of quota uptake.

You can also find information about the current rules regarding fishing vessels and reporting of catches that exists for the Greenlandic fisheries.

Press releases

Press releases regarding opening and closing of fisheries and hunting quotas, as well as other press releases from GFLK can be found here. Find all press releases from the Department of Fisheries and Hunting here.

Aqutsiveqarfimmi Kitaata kujataani inuussutissariutigalugu aalisartut kapisilinniarnerat augusti 22-ianni 2022-mi unitsinneqassaaq.

Kalaallit Nunaanni Aalisarsinnaanermut Akuersissutinik Nakkutilliisoqarfup nalunaarutigaa aqutsiveqarfimmi Kitaata kujataani inuussutissarsiutigalugu aalisartunut kapisilinniarneq augusti 22-ianni 2022-mi unitsinneqassasoq, pisassiissutit nungunneqalermata.   Kapisilinnut qassutit tamarmik inuussutissarsiutigalugu aalisartunit pigineqartut ...

Changes to the quota in the dinghy segment of Disko Bay

Changes to the quarterly quota for the Disko Bay administrative area May – June. Naalakkersuisut has pr. the 27th of May adjusted the quarterly quota ...

Closing the offshore fishery of crabs Nuuk – Paamiut 06-05-2022 12:59 PM

Fishery of crabs: closing the administrative area Nuuk – Paamiut offshore pr. 06.05.2022 11:59 PM Greenland’s Fishery License Control Authority hereby announces that the crab ...

Operational information

Electronic Logbook

The Electronic Logbook is currently in test. We will make an announcement when it is ready for use.

Operational Information

Here you can read about the latest operational information. If GFLK experiences irregularities in operations, this is also where you can find information about this.

License for fishing

Here you can find information about your obligations as a commercial fisherman.

Report illegal fishing or hunting here

Report financial information

Are you a commercial fisher or a production facility of fish?
Report your financial information here

Reporting of salmon fishery

Report more about how to report your catch of salmon here

Popular topics

Quota Overviews

GFLK prepares overviews of quota uptake. These overviews are based on data from logbooks and reporting to production facilities. Quota Overviews Coastal Fisheries Here you ...

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishery

Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing helps to deplete stocks, distort competition and put honest fishermen at an unreasonable disadvantage, and contributes to the destruction ...


There are different rules for reporting for coastal and offshore fisheries. The rules for reporting also depend on the size of the fishing vessel. Coastal ...
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