Fisheries Control

In order to ensure long-term sustainable management of the fishery, it is important that rules and regulations are complied with.

Fisheries control basically consists of the three pillars: Monitoring, Control and Surveillance1.

Monitoring consists of continuous monitoring of the utilization of the fish resources, including quotas in the various fisheries.

Control consists of the legislative conditions under which the use of the resource takes place.

Fisheries surveillance involves various types of observations of fishing activities, such as observers on the offshore fishing vessels or the presence of fisheries inspectors in the coastal fishing areas.

GFLK is the authority that ensures control of the Greenlandic fisheries.

In the topics below you can read more about the current legislation in the field of fisheries.


1 Source: FAO 2000,

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Vessel Surveillance

GFLK monitors fishing vessels using satellite equipment. Certain vessels are required to install surveillance equipment in order to engage in commercial fishing.

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Landing Inspections

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Here you can find statistics on the work GFLK does. The control statistics are compiled quarterly and updated as soon as data is available.

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