Vessel Surveillance

GFLK is monitoring vessels using satellite equipment. Certain vessels have a duty to install surveillance equipment in order to engage in commercial fishing.
You must install monitoring equipment if you meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Your vessel is 50 GRT / 90 GT or above,
  • You have a processing permit on board, regardless of the size of your vessel,
  • You load fish or fish products from a fishing vessel in Greenland’s fishing territory, regardless of the size or nationality of your fishing vessel,
  • You fish in international areas or in the territory of other countries,
  • Your vessel is not Greenlandic, and you are fishing in Greenland’s fishing territory.

It is you as the owner who must pay for equipment, installation and usage of the statutory system for vessel monitoring. Read more about guidelines for installing the equipment here.
When installing or uninstalling vessel monitoring, please inform GFLK. You do this by filling out a certificate, which can be found here.

Surveillance equipment for coastal fishing

For coastal fishing, use equipment of the type ARGOS, LEO, SiriusOne or WachDog. It is O.S. Electronic A / S, which is an agent for ARGOS, LEO, WatchDog or Sirius One equipment (

Approved equipment for coastal fishing:

  • Sirius One: SIR 10-4

Concerning vessel owners of vessels with Argos transceivers onboard:
CLS, which provides the Argos transceivers, has announced that TELNET will cease operation the 31. March 2022. This means that automatic transmission of position data to GFLK will no longer be possible from this date and that vessels that are required (larger than 50 GRT / 90 GT) to send automatic positions to GFLK will need to exchange the transceiver.

Surveillance equipment for offshore fisheries

For off-shore fishing, use Inmarsat C.

You must request permission to download DNID for Inmarsat-C equipment.

The request form can be found here.

Approved equipment for offshore fishing:

  • Inmarsat-C: TT-3022D, TT-3026L, TT-3026S and similar TT types,
  • Furuno: Felcom or Trimble;
  • Sirius One: SIR 10-4

Please also note that if your vessel is larger than 17 m. LOA (and larger than 15 m. LOA from the 1/8/2023), then you have to fill out electronic logbook (ERS) by the 31. March 2022 at the latest.

When you fish outside Greenland’s fishing territory, the monitoring system automatically sends your positions to the relevant authorities.

In the event of technical breakdowns, please send manual positions via email to GFLK.

You have a duty to know the detailed rules that apply to the individual countries and international areas.

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