Hail Messages

As a professional fisherman with a vessel of 75 GRT / 120 GT or more, you are obliged to send hail messages regardless of whether you fish in or outside Greenland’s fishing territory. You must report in the following situations:

  • When your vessel arrives in Greenland’s fishing territory (notice of arrival)
  • When your vessel is going to start fishing (notice of action)
  • When your vessel continues to fish between an active and a passive message (weekly message)
  • When your vessel sails out of Greenland’s fishing territory (note of departure)
  • Before your vessel sails out of Greenland’s fishing territory and has stopped fishing (notice of end of action)

The hail messages shall be sent by email to GFLK, GF**@na***.gl, or by fax to +299 34 63 60, and to Arctic Command (AKO), fk***********@fi**.dk.

Foreign vessels as well are required to send hail messages to GFLK and AKO.

For all foreign vessels as well as certain Greenlandic vessels, there is an obligation to notify arrival to or departure from Greenland’s fishing territory.

There are several types of hail messages depending on the vessel’s situation. References in brackets to Selvstyrets bekendtgørelse nr. 23 af 22. juni 2021 om kontrol med fiskeri. Every type of message does follow the same template for header data, though.

(Disclaimer: this is an unofficial English translation subject to change once an official has been made)

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