Landing Declaration for Fishers

A sales note report holds information about the transaction that takes place between fisherman and the buyer of the catch. When you, as a fisherman, sell your catch to a buyer, you will receive a landing declaration documenting this action.

The sales note report must contain information about the fisherman, fishing permit (license), used vessel and gear for fishing, as well as information about the catch. Information about the catch is, for example, information on the position and time of the catch, information on which species and quantities there have been caught, as well as information on any by-catches or discards. You must also provide information about the catches that you do not sell, for instance if you keep some of the fish you have caught for own consumption.

The date of transaction and the quantity sold must only be filled in when the transaction is completed. You must sign the sales note report to confirm that the information is correct.

As a commercial fisherman, you are required to report your entire catch when you sell your catch to a buyer. The buyer makes sure to forward information about your catch to the Greenland Fisheries License Control Authority (GFLK).

Reporting of landings is necessary for GFLK to calculate quota uptake of those fisheries where there is no obligation to keep a logbook.

Here you can find a template for a landing declaration, which contains the information to be provided.


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